How Do I Become a Data Analyst?

Becoming a data analyst may seem like a daunting task at first, but there are paths you can take to make your passion a professional reality. If you love data and have some time and dedication, you can start a career in data analytics that could keep you in or take you to the world of tech.

But, where should you start?

Learn About Data Analytic Skills

data analytic skills to learn

If you’re a beginner, learning about data analytic skills like cleansing, interpretation, and modeling can help you figure out if data analytics is right for you. These skills are essential for data analysts, so you should take time to get to know how much you enjoy them.

There are also fun technologies to check out like Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, and Splunk which help in website incidents and security.

What Is Data Cleansing?

When a web or software program collects data, it doesn’t necessarily know whether that data is “dirty” or “clean.” It just collects. So, data cleansing is a skill a data analyst uses to remove or modify unwanted or tainted data. That way, the remaining data is usable.

What Is Data Interpretation?

Data by itself is pretty much meaningless. It takes a professional who knows how to interpret data by using reviewing methods to extrapolate meaning and come to conclusions. There are different ways to look at data and interpret what story is being told. Conversely, you may even be asked to find data to support a story your company wants to tell!

What Is Data Modeling?

When you create a data model, you take different sets of data and organize them. By doing this, you show how data relates to each other. This is a useful skill for a data analyst to know because analysts need to be able to show others and software what’s happening.

Target Entry-Level Data Analytic Jobs

how to get data analytic jobs

Becoming a data analyst doesn’t have to involve years of study and practice before working in the field. Entry-level data analyst jobs can help you learn more in the field. Of course, you’ll need to have developed the above skills before working in the field, but you don’t have to master them before pursuing employment.

Different industries need people who understand data to tell them a story and help them make decisions. As a data analyst, you could work in any number of different fields, including tech.

Study Data Analytics Through Courses

data analytic courses

With the internet, you could learn how to become a data analyst by yourself. However, data analyst courses can provide needed structure and support. Completing a course can also indicate to a potential employer that you studied and understand data analytics.

Learn Data Analytics for 16 Weeks at Devmountain

If you’re a data enthusiast looking to take your skills to the next level, then check out Devmountain’s 16-week Data Analytics course. This beginner-friendly course can help you wrangle data while preparing you for the job market and creating your own data analysis projects. It also includes the opportunity to work with a career support team to spice up your resume, learn interviewing skills like negotiating your salary, and networking events throughout your career.

Devmountain’s Data Analytics course is taught in a virtual classroom, as if students were at campus in Lehi, Utah or Dallas, Texas. Mentors are available to answer questions and help keep you motivated.

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How Do I Become a Data Analyst?

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