Interview with Derek Hatch from Devmountain Admissions

Derek Hatch is a friendly admissions counselor at Devmountain. We sat down with him to ask him a few questions about his work life and home life. Here’s what he had to say!

What Led You to Devmountain?

I graduated from college and moved to Salt Lake City with no job prospects. My work experience was based on admissions. I applied every morning online to different job postings that had admissions in the title. I stumbled on Devmountain and was able to interview for the Admissions Counselor position. The rest is history!

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working With Students?

I think one of my favorite parts of working with students is helping them see the possibilities in front of them. I think especially in the admissions office we have a mandate to provide students with as much information as possible to help them make informed decisions. I enjoy being that liaison between Devmountain and prospective students.

How Are You Able to Help Students Who Are Thinking About Enrolling?

I try very hard at coming across as genuine and authentic over phone consultations. I strive to listen attentively to student concerns and provide them with an expanded vision of what it is that they are looking at getting into.

What Would You Tell a Student Who Is Nervous About Going Through the Application Process?

Don’t worry at all! We are with you every step of the way and you are assigned an admissions counselor once an application is opened. That personal connection is essential to helping you succeed and find the correct program that best fits your goals and aspirations. I am at your disposal and can help answer any questions or concerns you have along the way. 

What Do Potential Students Need to Know Before They Make a Decision on Whether or Not to Enroll?

Most of the programs we offer are immersive. That means you have to be dedicated and committed for the next thirteen weeks. We will provide you with many resources and tools for you to utilize in your schooling as well as after graduation. If you apply yourself, you can do well in the course and after. It is up to you to decide what it is that you want to do. We will provide a framework and facilitate an environment that is conducive to learning.

What Are Your Hobbies and Why?

I love to travel! I enjoy seeing how other people live and how their culture influences them. I enjoy playing the piano. I have been playing for eighteen years and it has become a great creative outlet. I enjoy boxing. I recently joined a boxing gym and that has been very fun. I love wakeboarding and slalom skiing. I also like pulling pranks on people. Lol

What Are Your Hobbies and Why?

If You Could Be a Muppet, Disney Character, or Superhero, Who Would You Be and Why?

I would be Forky from Toy Story 4. I just thought he was a very funny character. 

What Is One Thing People Are Often Surprised to Learn About You?

I am number five of six boys.

What Is One Thing People Are Often Surprised to Learn About You?

If You Could Save One Object from Your Burning Home, What Would it Be and Why?

I would save family pictures. We have a lot of pictures that do not have duplicates so that is what I would save. Family albums. 

Any Other Advice or Insights You’re Dying to Give to Students?

Get involved!

Any Other Advice or Insights You're Dying to Give to Students?

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